30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Share something you struggle with 

Does this refer to something I struggle with generally or something I’m struggling with at the moment? Either way there are quite a few things. 

If we’re talking at the moment them I’m struggling with: 

1. Reading
 For some reason I’m in a major reading slump which I just can’t seem to get out of. Do you ever get that thing where even picking up a book,let alone trying to read the words that make it prove difficult? That’s me right now. For someone who often gets lots in a book I’m struggling and finding it very strange that I’m not reading. Perhaps it’s because I read such a lot as a kid that I just don’t want to read anymore. I don’t know. Either way I hope it passes soon. 

2. Writing
This is something else I’ve struggled with recently. Although getting back into the habit of writing on this blog is helping. However,to even begin to open my laptop and carry on writing my story is something that is proving difficult at the moment. Maybe the story I’ve started has run its course and I need to think of something else to write about. 

3. Getting a job 
 I think this is the most annoying thing to struggle with. Applying for every job possible and getting nowhere. It gets really frustrating after a while.  

Now for the things I struggle with in general:

1. Riding a bike
Ok so this may seem like a really stupid thing to struggle with but it’s just something I’ve never really been able to do. Not without stabilisers since I was a kid and I haven’t tried since purely because my hand eye coordination is quite frankly crap 😂

2. Confidence 
I’ve gotten better since my op but there’s still days where I really struggle with my confidence and just have low days where I don’t like how I look or feel etc. But I guess we all have those days,right? 

3. Criticism 

Not a good one to struggle with really. Especially as the career I want to go into is criticism based. Copy being changed and idea being scrapped etc. Hoping it’ll pass over time. 

What do you struggle with? 

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