30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 14 

Day 14:Post your favourite movies you never get tired of watching: 
1. Moulin Rouge

This is my favourite movie of all time! It’s directed by the genius that is Baz Lurhmann,stars two of my favourite actors(Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman) and features some of the best songs ever! Come What May,do I really have to say anyone?🙊

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Anyone who knows me,knows I love Audrey Hepburn so ofcourse this is in there. I love her portrayal of Holly so much and it has beautiful shots of New York and then there’s George Peppard.

3. La La Land

Even though it isn’t out on DVD yet,I know this is one I’ll never get tired of watching. I’ve been to see it twice at the cinema so far and no doubt I’ll go and see it again if it’s on anywhere local. The songs are so catchy. It’s so colourful and a perfect example of a modern musical. Plus Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are just perfect together. 

4. Me Before You 

Even though I always ugly cry every time I watch this one,I just love the character of Lou. She’s everything I wish I was. The bumblebee tights and Sam Claflin and urgh it’s incredible! 

5. An Education

This film got me through quite a lot. It was one I put on quite a lot throughout uni to fall asleep too. It was the film my dad brought to keep me company in hospital during my op. And it’s a film I know quite a few of the words too. Plus it was Carey Mulligan’s first lead role and she’s just my favourite. 

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