30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 15

 Day 15: Bullet point your whole day 

This is a really random one because my days aren’t usually that exciting. Here was my day today. 

  • Woke up at 6.45
  • Done a job search
  • Checked my social media
  • Cuddled back up to Paul and went back to sleep
  • Made some tea and toast for breakfast 
  • Got dressed and ready to leave to catch the train
  • Walked to the station 
  • Got on the train
  • Listened to La La Land soundtrack 
  • Got off the train and went to job centre 
  • Had meeting at job centre 
  • Met dad for lunch
  • Came home and tied my room
  • Had a shower 
  • Caught up on the the videos I’d missed from the last few days 
  • Caught up with mum when she came in from work
  • Met up with a friend and had a catch up
  • Came home 
  • Had chicken casserole for dinner 
  • Finished writing this blogpost 
  • Will now most likely continue to catch up on videos and watch tv before going to bed.

What did you do today? 


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