30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: Post about three celebrity crushes 

Sorry for not posting Day 19. I wasn’t sure if the person in question reads my blog so I left it out. 
Instead here’s Day 20. My three celebrity crushes. This was a difficult one as there are so many actors I find attractive. At one point it would have been Tom Hiddleston,James McAvoy and did I mention Tom Hiddleston?! Now though they’ve both seemed to slip off my radar.

So here are my top three(at the moment anyway). This tends fo change on a regular basis.

1. James Norton

Not only is he gorgeous to look at,he is also a really talented actor. Having been a fan since I first saw him as Sidney Chambers in Grantchester,I was lucky enough to witness his incredible acting talent up close and personal on stage in the play Bug! And having met him he is also one of the most loveliest people you will ever likely meet. Fun fact: This is who my main character,Dylan is based off in my story. 

2. Dan Stevens
Ah Dan Stevens! All I’m going to say is Matthew Crawley. This crush began as soon as the first episode of Downton Abbey aired way back in 2010 and has continued ever since! He also remebered me when I met him as I’d sent him a tweet beforehand. ‘Oh it’s you guys! I saw you on Twitter this afternoon’ *dies*

3. Orlando Bloom

He was my first celebrity crush! To the point where I had a poster of him on my wall! Ever since I saw him as Will in Pirates of the Caribbean he’s just one of those actors that his absolutely gorgeous and such a great actor. I haven’t had the privilege to meet him yet,but when I do,7 year old Emily will be ecstatic 🙊

There were many more I could have mentioned but we’d be here all day. Ryan Gosling,Olly Murs and Sam Claflin to name just a few more though.

Who are your top three celebrity crushes? 


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