30 Day Writing Challenge:Day 28

Day 28: Post five things that make you laugh out loud 

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S the Tv show

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen each episode I still laugh atleast once. Definitely one of the best shows ever.

2. Paul’s jokes 

Pretty much every time he tells me a joke,I laugh. The one about the giraffe in the bar is still my favourite. 

3. My friends 

Everytime I see and spend time with friends we always find something to laugh and giggle about. I know that if I’m ever feeling down I can go to them and they’ll cheer me up and make me laugh. They’re the best people in the world.

4. My dog,Spud 

He can be snoring and be all cute or sit in a weird position or make a weird noise or just randomly spring whilst walking. I love him so much. 

5. Gavin and Stacey

Like Friends,this is another show that makes me laugh out loud.  Especially the scenes with Sheridan Smith,and the epsiode where Smithy goes shopping for a suit for his sons christening. 

‘You look like one of the blues brothers. The dead one’

‘It looks alright actually,doesn’t it?’

‘It does actually…Pavarotti’😂

What makes you laugh out loud? 


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