An Easter Weekend in Normandy🇫🇷

Hi Guys,

Sorry it’s been a while. So much for carrying on the blogging thing after completing the 30 Day Writing Challenge last month. Paul is doing it his blog however so go and check that out

Hope you all had a good start to April and a lovely Easter. As mentioned on Day 13 of my Writing Challenge and what was excited about-I spent Easter in France with Paul and his family. So thought I’d give you a bit of a run down(perhaps that’s not the right word) on what happend. Expect lots of photos at the bottom of this post,because I took loads. 

We set off on the Thursday morning to get the train to Folkestone. Not before the hiccup of me forgetting my absolutely gorgeous dress that I got for my birthday and I’d been going on to Paul about for ages. Bless my mum for running down to the station to hand it to me because I so very nearly got on the train without it. Now that would have been a disaster. 

However all went to plan and we arrived at Folkestone west and was greeted by Paul’s dad at the station where we went and got the Eurotunnel across to Calais. 

The Eurotunnel was different than I expected. Not sure what I was expecting really but don’t think it was that. I think I was expecting(use a different word,Emily) it to take longer than it did. We passed the half hour by eating rolls that Paul’s mum had made and playing eye spy. It was great. 

Then came the two and a half hour drive from Calais to Normandy. I listened to Emma Blackery quite a lot,along with the Half a Sixpence soundtrack mouthing along and getting very excited when we went part signs that said Amiens and Rouen. Anyone who knows my love of the book/play of Birdsong will understand why. 

Not long later we arrived in Normandy and at Paul’s grandparents. Fighting was done over who wanted what bedroom,a lot of kissing in greeting,a bit of walking and alot of food was eaten. I tried Nutella for the first time and oh my god,why has it take me so long to try it? It was lush. 

Friday we explored Etretat,which was essentially the equivalent of the white cliffs here,just more beautiful. We threw pebbles in the water,took way too many selfies and explored some of the gift shops. Then we came home for a lovely lunch of potatoes and turkey skewers before going to visit Paul’s other grandparents. There we ate a fair bit of cake and played uno. We then spent quite a lot of the holiday playing uno because you can never play just game. On the way home I got to experience my first French supermarket where I purchased some BBQ Lays Crisps(Walkers why don’t you do BBQ flavour crisps anymore?!),some milka biscuits and some chocolate. When you’re in France,why not?!

Saturday was the day of Pauls grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party and was by far the highlight of the trip. It was a rarity for us all to dress up so was a nice excuse to see everyone look fancy. Especially Paul. He looks so hot in a waistcoat and bow tie is all I’m saying😜🙊lucky girlfriend alert. We took so many photos it was ridiculous! It was such an amazing night and one I won’t forget for a long time. 

I spent the night learning the French conga,dressing men up in women’s clothing,smiling for so many photos that I felt like it was my wedding and dancing the night away. A proper French party. It was incredible and I swear I pretty much smiled the whole time. 

Not getting in till 3am and only getting 6 hours sleep you can imagine how tired we were on the Sunday morning. We went back to the hall where the party was held the previous evening for a lovely lunch with Paul’s family before coming back and playing more Uno,dinner and then an early night. 

Monday we travelled home and now sitting here nearly a week later from when we went,I’m suffering with major holiday blues. It was such a lovely Easter weekend though and one I’ll remember for a long time. I’d like to thank Paul and his family for inviting me. I really feel like I’m now party of the family which is absolutely lovely. And Paul’s grandparents for their hospitality. Excuse me now whilst I’m bombard you with the photos. 

What did you do over the Easter break? I’d love to know. 


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