Writing Prompts: Coffee and Tea

Surely you drink one or the other or know someone who does-write about it.

There are so many types of tea-green tea, herbal tea, different flavored teas, and the good old English breakfast, builder’s tea.

And of course there are just as many different types of coffee too, Americano, flat white, latte. One things for sure I could never be a barista. I’d get confused by all the different types of coffee and who wanted what.

Just because I don’t drink coffee though, it’s a smell I love. Going into costa or Starbucks, or the Pumpkin at the train station. Just the smell of coffee. I think that’s why I like the smell of train stations so much, purely because they smell of coffee. Is that just me that thinks that, or am I just weird?

I do however, drink and love a good cup of tea. Sometimes 5 or 6 cups a day. However, that seems like nothing compared to a flat mate at mine during the first year of university who used to drink at least 10. Yes Tim, I’m looking at you if you’re reading this!

But no matter if you drink tea or not, there’s always the debate of milk in first, or milk in last. It’s a debate I seem to have with my boyfriend every time I make, or he makes me a cup of tea because we both do it differently. He puts the milk last, and I put it first. Technically though, his opinion is invalid because he doesn’t even drink tea: P. What’s the right way?

And another thing- I have three sugars in my tea, right? But when you get a tea from a takeaway place or something they only give you like two of the little sachets. Dude, that is nowhere near enough, and only adds up to like one teaspoon. So, of course when I go into Costa, I just take a handful because I can never gage how much I’m going to need, because they’re small cups etc. its something I always get laughed at for. I can’t have tea without sugar ok? I just can’t. Is anyone else like that? Or again, is that just me?

Tea is also good in any situation. Perhaps though, that’s a British thing. To us, tea solves everything. Had a bad day? Have a cupppa. In shock? Have a cuppa. Celebrating something? Have a cuppa. It is also one of the first things that happens when you go round someone’s house. Are you even British if the first thing you don’t get asked is, would you like a cuppa? I think not.

Technically of this nonsense of what sort of tea you like, whether you put the milk in first or last, or even how many sugars you have shouldn’t matter. Nothing beats a good cup of tea. Am I right?

I’d love to know how you have your tea/coffee, which is your favorite and whether or not you put the milk in first or last. Lets get a conversation going in the comments.





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