The Anti Bucket List 2017❤️

First off sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I don’t have an excuse really other than I just didn’t know what to write about. Secondly Happy New Year! Or is it too late to say that now we’re 5 days into January and this post was supposed to be up on the 31st of last year? Still Happy New Year!

As I’ve done for the last few years,this is my 2017 Anti bucket list,looking back on last year in terms of the things I did and what I achieved.

-I celebrated the start of last year in Wales with Paul.

-I saw Lucy in London and went ice skating

-I saw my college girls for a much needed girly chat over Nando’s and hot chocolate.

-I started watching How I Met you Mother with Paul and loved it. It quickly became one of my favourite shows.

-Me and Paul spent our first Valentine’s Day together.

-Went to London with Mum and took some of my favourite photos.

-Met up with Sarah in Brighton

-Watched La La Land at the cinema. It quickly became my favourite film of last year.

-Went trampolining with Lucy in London.

-Saw An American in Paris on stage with Tim

-Saw Olly Murs in concert

-successfully managed to write everyday for a month on my blog in the form of a writing challenge. Hope to do more of them this year.

-Saw Half a Sixpence on stage

-Attended the Olivier awards red carpet and met James Norton again and Charlie Stemp.

-Spent Easter in France with Paul and his family for his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Got to wear a really pretty dress which I love

-Saw the Addams Family with Becky.

-Went to Wales for Paul’s birthday and saw Emma Blackery live in concert.

-Girls night out

-Visited Gloucester

-Went to Bedford with dad

-Visited Sarah at her farm in Devon

-Spent time with the fam at my aunt and uncles wedding anniversary party

-Had my first job over the summer working as a cleaner at Dover College. Met some great people and it was a job I really enjoyed

-Saw School of Rock on stage with Tim

-Afternoon tea with Mum

-Saw Paul in London. Had a great time at the Imperial War Museum

-Went to Wales and got surprised with a trip to St Fagans

-Caught up with Sophie

-Went to Dover castle

-Celebrated a year with Paul. Weekend away in a B&B in Bristol,Bristol Aquarium and the Addams Family for the second time

-Started watching Breaking Bad. I’m obsessed!

-School of Rock on stage with Becky

-Met up with Lucy in London

-Went to Brighton with Paul

-Visited Barry Island again in Wales

-Went dream house shopping in Ikea.

-Spent a Christmas weekend in London with Paul. Spent the night in a hotel,went to Winter Wonderland and Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum

-Found out I’d gotten my job at the new Iceland store

-Festive weekend in London with Mum looking at all the pretty lights

-Christmas with the fam and the nans Christmas a week after.

Every year I don’t think I do much,but then I look back at the posts and realise how busy the year was and how much fun it was. Overall 2017 was a really good year and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!


-Starting my new job at the Dover store of Iceland. As in writing this I’m currently 3 days into training and it’s going ok. I’m looking forward to opening our store in the next few weeks

-Seeing Birdsong back on stage in April with Tim

-Hopefully getting enough money to move in with Paul

-Planning to write more on this blog and hopefully in general(I say this every year🙄)

-To read more books

There isn’t much planned this year as of yet aside from work,and the things listed above. No doubt I’ll look back at the end of the year though and realise how much I have done. Hope you all have a fab New Year and I promise to try and update this more as the year goes on.

Lots of love