Sunkissed Book Review 

  Title: Sunkissed

Author: Jenny McLachlan

He watches me with his dark eyes. I take a deep breath,then I shut my eyes and I jump’

Kat can’t believe she’s been banished to Sweden for the summer! How will she survive without her friends,or even a phone signal?

But once in the land of saunas,nudity and summer sun Kat soon realises its not just about boys,what she’s wearing or how straight her hair is. It’s time to embrace who she really is,underneath what people expect her to be. 

Can Kat find her own way to shine?’

Although originally not on my summer reading list,the lovely people at Bloomsbury sent me a copy of Sunkissed to review for site Maximum Pop. 

Having never read any books by Jenny before I was excited to discover a new author. I was gripped from the first page which is important to me when reading a book. I quickly found myself drawn to the main character of Kat and really enjoyed reading her story. 

These days it seems we are incapable of being off our phones for less than five minutes(I am definately guilty of this) so I could most definately relate to Kat’s situation when she was told she was being sent to Sweden for a month without phone service. 

I loved Jenny’s writing and how relatable and strong the characters are within the book. Particularly those of Kat and Pearl. We all have that friend who isn’t afraid to say something,regardless of the consequences and I love how that was portrayed within the character of Pearl. 

I really enjoyed this book and would definately recommend it. I look forward to reading her others. 


All the Bright Places Book Review

Title: All the Bright Places
Author: Jennifer Niven

“Theodore Finch wants to take his own life. I’m broken,and no one can fix it.

Violet Markey is devastated by her sisters death. In that instant we went plowing through the guardrail,my words died too.

They meet on the ledge of the school bell tower,and so their story begins. It’s only together they can be themselves. 

I send a message to Violet: You are all the colours in one,at full brightness.

You’re so weird,Finch. But that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. 

But,as Violet’s world grows,Finch’s begins to shrink. How far will Violet go to save the boy she has come to love?”

I don’t know where to begin with this review because I’m still reeling from this one.

What a beautiful, heartfelt, funny, lovely, sad masterpiece. This book will hit you right in the heart. It’s perfect in every way. 

You’ll root for Finch and Violet to overcome their problems and get through it together. Although I don’t suffer with mental illness myself I agree when people have said its one of the best books that raises awareness of such a serious issue. 

It’s one of those books not only that you’ll enjoy,but one of those that will make you think and learn something.

Room at the Top Book Review 

Title: Room at the Top

Author: John Braine   

“I was a devil of a fellow,I was the lover of a married woman,I was taking out the daughter of one of the richest men in Warley,there wasn’t a damn thing I couldn’t do.

“The ruthlessly ambitious Joe Lampton rises swiftly from the petty bureaucracy of local government into the unfamiliar world of inherited wealth,fast cars and glamorous women. But the price of success is high and betrayal and tragedy strikes as Joe Lampton pursues his goals”

I downloaded the two part series based on this book about a month ago and loved it. So much so that I’ve watched it five more times since. 

When I found out it was based on a book I seeked it out,finding it on eBay for 75p. Bargain. 

Having watched the TV series first,I had a general idea of how the characters looked and sounded in my head. 

Room at the Top takes you on a whirlwind of a journey from Joe’s time when he lived in the rundown town of Dufton to his new life at the top in Warely. Ideally he’s a ladies man,constantly flirting with every woman he’s sees. 

When he joins the Warley players,a theatre group he meets and becomes smitten with Susan Brown,a young woman who has grown up in wealth. 

Whilst trying to pursue her,Joe also becomes friends and ends up having an affair with Alice Aisgill,an older married women. 

Throughout the book you’ll begin to feel for Joe in his relationships. On one hand there’s Alice,a woman he loves,one who would look after him and love him fully. Then on the other hand there’s Susan,a young girl who enjoys the ballet and loves Joe with all her heart. But Joe is torn between being able to be with Alice and have his reputation taken away or a wealthy life and a job he’s happy with if he married Susan. 

What I loved about this book was the way Braine set out the backstory of each character. How it took me this long to read I’ve no idea. 

I would definitely recommend this book if you’re a fan of books set in the 1950s. 

Lindsey Kelk:Always the Bridesmaid Book Signing

Waterstones West Quay,Southampton

It’s very rare that one of my favourite authors comes to my home town. So when I found out that Lindsey Kelk was coming to Southampton I jumped at the chance to go and meet her.

I never go to things that involve waiting around on my own. But as this was in Southampton and in West Quay Waterstones I decided to go on my own.

Arriving at 10.30 as I didn’t know if it was going to be busy,I purchased her new book,Always the Bridesmaid and went and sat down in one of the comfy chairs at the back of the shop to read it whilst I waited.

I got to chapter 4 before I went back to where the queue had begun to form and got in line,continuing to read whilst I waited to meet one of my writing heroes.

It’s always a nervous experience waiting in line for something like this. Well I think it is anyway. All sorts of questions go through your head as you figure out what you want to say. Then when you actually get to the front of the queue and its your turn everything you planned to say goes out of your head.

I did manage to tell her I was enjoying the book so far and we had a chat about her writing process and how weird it was to see her name in a bookshop. She then said that if she could write a book and see it in Waterstones,I most certainly can too.

Hearing this gave me a bit more confidence in my writing and hope that I too will one day see my name on a book.

Big thanks to Lindsey Kelk for being so lovely.