Foo Fighters-Sonic Highways Album Review

The Foo Fighters eighth studio album, ‘Sonic Highways’ coincides nicely with the eight-part TV documentary series about the making of the album, which was recorded in different studios across eight cities of America. Grohl would lock himself in his hotel room and spend the night choosing words from the interviews he conducted to go in the studio and record the next morning. ‘Very last minute’ he told Dermot O Leary on Radio 2. It certainly doesn’t sound last minute.


The first track on the album alone proves that. ‘Something From Nothing’, written in Chicago, about the run down city, opens the album perfectly. ‘Something from Nothing’ is everything you would expect from the Foos; beautiful guitar riffs mixed with Grohl’s haunting voice sets the tone for the rest of the seven tracks on the album.


From the searing power pop What did I Do?/God is my Witness to the arena sized chorus of the seven minute closing track, I Am A River, Grohl and co. pull out all the stops, delivering everything fans of the band know and enjoy. Guitarist Pat Smear also shows off the blistering guitar solos that have made a crucial difference since he re-joined the band a couple of years ago.


Joe Walsh, Zac Brown and Ben Gibbard are among those along for the ride along the sonic highway.