S Club 7 Concert Review


Artist: S Club 7

Venue: BIC Bournemouth

On Monday night at the BIC Arena in Bournemouth 90s kids dreams were made when S Club 7 took to the stage to perform some of their best known tracks. 

A night of nostalgia began as soon as the band stepped onto the stage to tremendous cheers from the audience. 

Looking no different,aside from a being grown up,the band sang with as much ease as they did before they split 15 years ago. 

Opening their set with Bring the House Down the crowd sang back every word like they did when they used to dance around their rooms when they were growing up. (You all did it so don’t admit you didn’t). What a great time growing up in the 90s was.

As the show went on and each of their classics were played out-S Club Party,You’re My Number 1 and Two in a Million,it was clear the audience and indeed the band were in as good a shape as they used to be. The energy in the arena was contagious. 

Each band member treated the audience to solo performances half way through the show. Tina with Stronger and Jon and Jo with Hello Friend. It was Paul that received the most applause however with his acoustic version of Reach,which the crowd sang back with such certainty.

Rachel then took the stage to sing a mix of her solo songs Some Girls and Sweet Dreams my La Ex before they jumped straight into the hits Bring it All Back and Viva La Fiesta.

The most applause and singing came near the end of the set when they surprised the audience with a cover of Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk. This got the audience dancing and exceptionally excited before the banded ended their set with much loved songs Reach and Don’t Stop Movin’. 

Overall this concert was an absolute delight to witness. Seeing a band like S Club 7 live brought back all the 90s nostalgia,proving that even after 15 years away they can still sell out arenas and put on one big S Club Party .


George Ezra: Brits Week Gig

*On a personal note before I start this review,I’d like to just say that George Ezra is one of my favourite artists and he was absolutely incredible live. With the gig being in Brixton I was a bit apprehensive,mainly because of the area but all turned out fine. We made it to the venue and back onto an earlier train than planned which was a bonus. Thanks Sammeh for coming with me. Now onto the review*

Crowds of people are gathered at Brixton’s Electric awaiting the arrival of 21 year old George Ezra.

Ezra first burst onto the music scene in 2013 having recorded two EPs ‘Did you hear the rain’ and Cassy O’. It wasn’t until 2014,when he released his first single ‘Budapest’ that people began to take notice. 

‘Budapest’ reached number 3 in the official chart. Since then,the 21 year old has been very successful. His debut album Wanted on Voyage was number 1 in the official chart for weeks. 

It’s safe to say Ezra has gathered a fair following by the amount of people that are here awaiting his set. 

With him being nominated for a Brit it only seems appropriate that he’s the first person to open the week of gigs at the Electric. 

He comes on with tremendous applause at around 10pm opening his set with the title track of his first EP,Cassy O. 

As soon as he plays the first note,the crowd immediately errupts into cheers and begins singing along. 

This continues for the next half hour as he plays hits from his debut album Wanted in Voyage including ‘Listen to the Man’,Blame it on Me(my personal highlight),and Barcelona. 

After ‘Barcelona’ he smiled at the audience before saying ‘this next one was also written on my trip around Europe’. Before playing the beginning cords of ‘Budapest’. Even to this day it seems this is the song everyone knows and loves the most. So much so that it is sung extra loudly,and when George stops singing to listen to the audience they sing loudly. His laugh and smile are infectious when he says how lovely we sound. In that moment it’s clear to see that Ezra loves what he does. 

After the hype of ‘Budapest,as the gog. comes to an end,the audience cheers in appreciation. ‘Sorry it was only a short set,but I hope you enjoyed it. Have a safe trip home and I hope to see you all soon’ he tells the crowd,before ending the night with a ballad and the title track off his first EP,’Did you hear the rain’. Which seemed quite fitting as on exit of the venue,it was tipping it down.

George Ezra is an absolutely incredible artist. If you’re to see one soloist live then I definitely recommend it to be George.  


Olly Murs Live Review

HMV, Oxford Street. It may look like your normal store, but upstairs far beyond the world of DVDs, right at the back of the room is a stage. A hundred of Olly Murs fans are gathered in a pen in front of the stage, lucky competition winners as they await the man himself.


Olly Murs, X Factor runner up of 2009, takes to the stage wearing a grey blazer and jeans; his fans of all ages react. They scream and cheer his name, and for the next twenty minutes they are transfixed.


Olly Murs opens up his set by being his cheeky self, asking where his fans are from and referencing three of his songs off new album, Never Been Better. ‘Did you miss me?’ he asks, a rupture of applause follows. He then starts his set.


With ballad ‘Dear Darlin’ starting it off, he soon has the audience singing along with him. After more chat, including a face time with a fan who ends up getting emotional, he sings new song ‘History’, a love song which he jokes isn’t about his fans, before ending with his current single ‘Wrapped Up’ which gets his fans singing and dancing along, getting them ready for the meet and greet that followed afterwards.


Olly oozes charisma, both on and off stage. What you see in Olly is what you get, a cheeky chap from Essex who hasn’t let the fame goes to his head. He’s still that typical lad who will help you across the street and make you smile. And that comes across not only when you meet him, but also in his performance too.




Sorry for not posting for a week. I would say that not a lot has happened over the past week but that would be a lie.

My mum came down to Southampton on Tuesday to spend a few days and help me pack up my uni room.

She experienced the lush burgers and strawberry milkshakes at Eds Diner that I kept going on about aswell as trying her first Sprinkles in the form of Turkish delight and mango ice cream. I also took her to a cafe which I like to spend my quite time at called The Butterfly Cafe.

The best day was Thursday however. The day where the seven year old in me couldn’t contain her excitement. The twenty year old me was pretty excited too. Thursday I went to go and see McBusted,two of my favourite bands growing up,McFly and Busted,and let me tell you,IT WAS AMAZING! By far the best concert I’ve been too.

After spending the morning in Southampton starting to pack up my room we made our way to Bournemouth and the venue to pick up our tickets. Whilst there I also bought my McBusted wristband from the merch table before spending the afternoon on the penny slots and grabbing machines in the arcade, I almost won a minion,but not quite. Hopefully in Brighton on Wednesday.

Around 6.30 we went back to the venue for the concert. After the support acts at around 9pm the lights went out,and the crowd(me included) went mental as Mcbusted came out on stage.

They sang a mixture of both bands songs with Danny singing parts of the songs in which previous Busted member,Charlie Simpson would have sang.

As expected everyone sang along to all of their favourites and the crowd went mental when the band performed the last song on the list,Busted’s hit Year 3000.

It was an amazing night and if you ever get a chance to go and see them live,you really should.












Yesterday I cleaned out my room and said an emotional goodbye to my first year flatmates. Next years have a lot to live up to. I love you,guys.

I’m now home for the summer and plan on doing a lot of writing,drawing and catching up with friends,which starts Monday when I should hopefully receive replies to some emails I’ve sent.

Off to Brighton on Wednesday to meet one of the first Downton Abbey fans I got speaking to,my friend Alice which I’m looking forward to.

In a couple of weeks time I’m also going to listen to a talk with author Sebastian Faulks and possibly see Carey Mulligan in Skylight with Tim. Then,the week after that it’s West End Live for the third year running which I’m excited about,so look out for those more exciting posts in the coming weeks.

For now,I hope you all enjoy your weekend and I leave you with my favourite picture I took of Thursday night,Danny and Harry.